Solar plane flew across the U.S.


The aircraft, operating exclusively on solar batteries on board which there is not a single drop of aviation fuel, began his flight from the West - East Coast of the United States.

Solar Impulse - it was called a unique aircraft - flew out of San Francisco, up May 3 in the morning on the North American continent. "Solar Impulse", according to the authors of the project, plans to make stops in cities such as Phoenix, St. Louis, Washington, Dallas and New York.

On board there are about 12,000 solar cells, solar panels are charging in daylight conditions, provide round the clock operation of the four powerful electric motors.

Under the wings of the aircraft in a specially designed gondola, located lithium-ion batteries.

Controls the aircraft Bertrand Piccard, the famous Swiss pilot who became famous in his 1999 balloon flight around the world without a single planting. Changer it would be Andre Borschberg, his compatriot and co-author of the project.

Prior to the start of the aircraft, according to Borschberg, "very good" atmosphere in the sky.

The wingspan of the ship is the same as that of a passenger aircraft Airbus A340, with its weight is the weight of the average car.

Meso-flight, carried out "fuel free" plane go down in history as the very first.

Previously reported 26-hour flight, "Solar Impulse", now the crew hopes to go on a real trip around the world in 2015.

First night flight was performed by an aircraft in 2010, while the first international flight took place in 2011, in 2012 was made the first intercontinental flight.

Solar modification HB-SIA is a prototype of the aircraft, which in the future will be mainly used for transatlantic flights, and for the world tours. HB-SIB, an improved version of the aircraft is completed, expected in late 2013.

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