NASA began to develop food 3D-printer


The agency NASA sponsored a project to establish a printer that prints food. A specialist in the field of engineering Anjan Contractor has received a grant from the Agency in the amount of $ 125,000 to build a prototype printer that will automate the creation of food. This will not only provide food astronauts during long space flights, but also play a role in solving the problem of the lack of food in the world, by reducing the amount of waste. The software code for the printer will be in the public domain, and the physical part of the printer will be based on the free model printer RepRap Mendel 3D.

The idea is to use the "building blocks" meal replacement powder in the form of cartridges. By combining these blocks can create a wide variety of dishes. Shelf life of cartridges will be 30 years, which is sufficient for long-term space flights. The first treat, the example of which will be made initial check of the basic ideas will be chocolate, and a few weeks after that it will try to print a pizza.

According creators printing starts from vykladyvaniya pizza dough layer, which will be heat-treated directly in the printing process, after which the tomato powder will be mixed with water and oil, tomato sauce for printing. Filling will be "protein layer", the details of which remain unknown. Although the project is still in its infancy, in the event of a successful implementation it can be an important step towards the development of devices like the Star Trek Replicator.


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