Flight artificial butterfly on video


A group of Japanese researchers published in the journal Bioinspiration & Biomimetics report on the successful establishment of a fully functional replica of the butterfly sailboat. They filmed the video for the process of flying model butterfly.

Among the many types of butterflies, sailboats are relatively large area of the wings with respect to the weight of the rest of the body. Plus, their front wings are positioned over the rear, so they have to wave them in unison - thanks to all these factors, the overall speed of the wings is relatively small, and their movement is severely limited.

As a result, the ability to control the aerodynamic force of sailing ships of its wings is very limited and the movement of their body - it is a passive response to the flapping wings, and not an active response to the aerodynamic forces, as in other types of butterflies.

In order to prove that the sailboats flying forward with a simple flapping wings, the researchers constructed a copy of this insect, keeping the size of one-to-one copy sailboats inherent shape of the wings and the thin membranes and veins that cover the wings.

Using a special computer program that analyzes the movement, the researchers were able to determine the aerodynamic characteristics. This analysis demonstrated that the flight can be realized with a simple configuration mahatelnyh movements and feedback optional. This model can be applied in the future to develop aerodynamic systems. Receive a daily hot news - download news ticker, be aware of world events.

Videos can be viewed on this youtube channel

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