Scientists have invented a plasma antenna invisibility


Plasma - fully or partially ionized gas heated to a temperature at which one of the atoms and molecules are released elektrony.Uchenye-physicists presented a fundamentally new type of antennas operating on the basis of plasma. These antennas work just as well as their metal counterparts, but with one difference: they disappear when turned off.

Ability to disappear in handy in combat and other applications where you need to hide the antenna from prying eyes, device detection and noise suppression. Another important difference from the metal plasma antenna is that its electrical properties can be changed on the fly almost immediately, adapting to attempts to suppress radio noise or radio detection.

Plasma antennas are almost the same as the metal. Electrons move freely in the hot gas just as the electrons in the metal conductors. But the plasma exists as long as the gas from which it is made, has a very high temperature. If you turn off the power source, heated plasma, it is converted back into electricity conductive cold gas. Once detected attempts to trace the radio signal, the antenna is turned off and just disappeared from radar screens as the cooling gas.

Physicists say that you can create an array of small plasma elements that will form the universal configurable antenna. The array elements are switched on or off at a time, helping the source signal to remain invisible, automatically adjusting to the required conditions. Most popular news informers tell the main news of the day.


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