Invented a new coating, repelling any liquid


Scientists from New Jersey (USA State) reported that they had developed a new type of material, the liquid repellent. Surface coated with this material can not only repel the liquid, it can also absorb it perfectly. It should only apply electricity.

The new material, called "nanogvozdi" undoubtedly will be widely used in the manufacture of self-cleaning, resistant to contamination of surfaces and electric batteries. And if you treat such material body vessel, the ship will be able to easily glide over the waves.

For years, scientists have tried to invent a surface capable of repelling any liquid. However, a good effect was achieved only with some water and other fluids. Much more difficult the situation was with organic liquids such as oils, solvents and detergents.

Tom Krupenkin (Tom N. Krupenkin) and his colleagues have managed to develop a super-repellent material. Their "nanogvozdi" can effectively repel any liquid. "Nanogvozdi" in something like the ultra-microscopic silicon structures shaped like conventional carpentry nails. It is because of their shape and they confer striking surface water repellency.

The experiments also revealed that if such a surface to connect the electricity, the material begins to actively suck the liquid in the space between the "nails", turning into a kind of sponge. That is, He gets completely opposite properties!

Scientists have shown experimentally that their invention can indeed repel almost any liquid. "Nanogvozdi" can also be used to improve the processes of chemical microreaction, reduce leakage, and for medical diagnostic materialamiyu. Hot news, science and technology, the only first-hand.


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