The darkest material - in the Guinness Book of Records


A scientist from the University of Houston (Texas) invented the blackest material known to date. Material broke the previous record of light-absorbing materials in the four times.

Pulikel Ajayan (Pulickel Ajayan), mentioned university professor has created a special coating of carbon nanotubes that reflects only 0.045% of light. It is 100 times darker than the present by far the black paint. The scientist himself did not expect such figures and was blown away by the result.

The current record is submitted for consideration to the World Guinness Book of Records.

Ajayan said that the resulting material is sure to find practical applications in various fields of human activity. For example, the ability to absorb light of the dark coating in immense quantities may be in favor of the production of solar cells. Furthermore, the material minimizes the leakage of light that is useful in the design of optical telescopes and other techniques.

The previous record of the dark material is owned nickel-phosphorus alloy created by scientists from London. It represents only 0.16% of light. News First, download and upload news ticker on your page.


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