Discovered the biggest sexual problem women


Nearly two-thirds of the women who have undergone a total urological check reported that suffer from sexual dysfunction. The research is published in the August issue of the Journal of the British Association of Urology.

With age, sexual dysfunctions are increasingly common, with the exception of orgasm. More than half of women aged 18 to 30 years reported problems with orgasm, which is much higher than for women aged 31 to 54 years.

The researchers interviewed 587 women aged 18 to 95 years who visited the urology clinic in New Jersey with complaints of six female sexual dysfunction (FSD): lack of desire, difficulty with arousal, lack of lubrication, problems achieving orgasm, dissatisfaction and pain sexual contact.

"We found that 63% of women suffered from FSD. Clearly discernible relationship between FSD and age, menopause and the use of some antidepressants," - said co-author Dr. Debra Fromer, head of the health center of the bladder, prostate and pelvic floor at the medical center New Jersey.

Twelve percent of the women who took part in the study were aged 18-30 years, 27% aged 31-45, 25% aged 46-54, 24% aged 55-70 and 12% aged 70 and more. They attended a typical American Urological Center, which are being treated for urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, kidney stones and the problems with the pelvic floor.

Key research findings:

The most sexually active age group - women from 31 to 45 years old (87%), 18-30 olds (85%) and 46-54 olds (74%). Then, this figure had dropped to 45% among women aged 55 to 70 years and to 15% among those who are over 70.

The most common problem - lack of libido (desire), which is found among 47% of women. Followed by orgasm problems (45%), difficulty with excitation (40%), dissatisfaction (39%), lack of lubrication (37%) and pain (36%).

Five of the six categories were more common with increasing age of the participants of the survey: the libido of 36 to 96%, arousal from 27% to 54%, lubrication from 26% to 45%, dissatisfaction from 28% to 88%, and pain from 10% to 56% .

The only category of vybivshayasya general trend was orgasm category - with the increasing age of the problems with orgasm decreased. So among the age group 18-30 with orgasm problems occurred in 54% of women among a group of 31-45 in 43%, and among the 46-54 group to the problems in achieving orgasm complained about 48%. Then again percentages rose to 66% among the 55-70 group and to 87% among women older than 70.

Top three issues, divided by age groups:

18-30: orgasm (54%), desire (36%) and dissatisfaction (28%)

31-45: desire (48%), orgasm (43%) and dissatisfaction (40%)

46-54: desire (65%), dissatisfaction (53%) and orgasm (48%)

55-70: desire (77%), orgasm (66%), dissatisfaction (65%)

Older than 70: the desire (96%), dissatisfaction (88%) and orgasm (87%).

"FSD has a significant impact on the quality of life of women," - said Dr. Fromer. "Self-esteem, integrity and relationships can be seriously impaired, causing emotional trauma."

"The researchers found a clear link between sexual dysfunction, reduced physical and emotional satisfaction and general condition."

"That is why it is so important to solve problems at an early stage of their occurrence., For example, hormones and other drugs are well established in the treatment of women with FSD."

Known risk factors for FSD include age, sexual abuse or sexually transmitted infections, depression, low socioeconomic status, lifestyle, overall physical health and sexual experience.

"Oddly enough, the results obtained in the course of our investigation, in line with similar studies conducted in Turkey," - added Dr. Fromer. "Thus, at FSD affect the biological causes rather than social or cultural factors, although they do contribute to some psychological aspects of the disease."

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