The soap component will be part of a new drug against infections


Antibacterial component contained in some kinds of soap, toothpaste, deodorants and even computer keyboard become a new solution for the treatment of common infections. This will greatly assist researchers in finding a cure for many parasitic diseases that affect approximately two billion people. Report of research on how triclosan (triclosan) was a guide in the future development of drugs for the treatment success toksoplazmosisa (toxoplasmosis) appeared in the monthly issue of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

In a study of Rome McLeod (Rima McLeod) and her colleagues note that toksoplazmosis (a disease of humans and animals caused by Toxoplasma) is one of the most common parasitic infections worldwide, affecting one-third of the world’s population, including 80 percent of the population of Brazil. People can catch the infection, a common parasite called Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii), by contact with the feces of an infected cat that ate raw or undercooked meat, and in other ways. Many people have no symptoms because their immune system is held under the control of infection and parasitic residues make inactive. But it may harm the health of the eye and cause other problems may even threaten the lives of individuals with immune systems weakened as a result of taking certain medications and diseases like HIV infection, which allows the parasite to become active again. The most recent medications have some potentially harmful side effects, and none of them is attacking the parasites in their dormant stage.

Scientists have known from the practice of past research that triclosan has a powerful effect in blocking the action of a key enzyme that parasites of the species T. gondii used to live. Triclosan, nevertheless, in pure form can not be used as a medicament, because it does not dissolve in the blood. Scientists describe the use of the molecular structure of triclosan as a model for the development of other potential drug, including some other promising agents that will become more effective treatment for the disease.

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