Chocolate milk regain strength athletes


Drinking chocolate milk will improve muscle recovery after prolonged physical exertion - and proven research at the University of Connecticut.

Chocolate milk - one of the favorite foods in the diet of children - more than just a sweet treat. A recent analysis conducted by researchers at the University of Connecticut Department of Food Science, found that chocolate milk is better than some other drinks make up the forces in the body after prolonged exercise.

The study was organized in the laboratory of Professor Nancy Radrigez (Nancy R Rodriguez), has revealed that drinking 400 ml (2 cups) of low-fat chocolate milk after exercise will give your body the basic proteins and carbohydrates that will help restore tired muscles better than those containing only carbohydrates .

The experiment was attended by eight university male students, who ran a certain distance in 45 minutes at a moderate pace. After that, some students suggested to drink 400 ml of low-fat chocolate milk, and others - 400 ml drink containing only carbohydrates. Both beverages have the same amount of calories. The researchers then collected blood samples and muscle biopsies of participants spent over three hour period of recovery. Results showed that those drinking chocolate milk were significantly increased protein synthesis (replication process) in the muscles after exercise compared to those who used the beverage only enriched carbohydrates.

Moreover, the results showed that chocolate milk was as effective in replenishing glycogen in the body, forms the carbohydrate used as fuel body during intense and prolonged exercise, as well as carbohydrate drink. Professor Radrigez argues that sugar from the chocolate, syrup in milk helps athletes to replace depleted glycogen in their muscles to prepare them for the next workout.

"During the recovery after intense physical exertion, it is extremely important to be able to replenish glycogen levels" - said Lang, who conducted the study as part of his doctoral dissertation and is now an assistant professor at the University of Southern Connecticut. "Until recently, it was known that you simply consume carbohydrates, glycogen replacement. However, we found that the milk chocolate containing both carbohydrates and proteins, brings no less useful in the process of replacing glycogen than beverages enriched carbohydrates."

The research team has identified additional benefits of chocolate milk in the second part of the analysis. In this experiment, the researchers have also attracted eight male students have the endurance to run. The results showed that individuals who drank chocolate milk showed significantly more endurance than those who drank the beverage alternative.

"We do not claim that chocolate milk is the only drink you should drink after exercise, and that it is more than nothing works" - said Lahn. "We just want to say that you definitely need both protein and carbohydrates after exercise, and chocolate milk gives you the nutrients that you need for muscle recovery."

Professor Radrigez concludes: "Chocolate milk provides the body with protein, not only of good quality, but also other important nutrients and electrolytes, including calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which are necessary for healthy, active men and women."

As a result of the opening of the benefits of protein in muscle recovery, some manufacturers of sports drinks have recently expanded the ranks of its products, including the types of beverages with a higher content of protein, to help speed up recovery after prolonged exercise.

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