Scientists: look younger - not to be healthy


Common practice analysis, linking health and the extent to which younger or older person looks, proved that the appearance is not an indicator. In other words, look older than their years - does not show signs of poor health.

In Toronto, the scientists on the basis of research conducted at St. Michael’s recently revealed that, contrary to what most people seek in every way adults do not look older than their actual age, the fact that a person looks a little older than their age is not necessarily an indication of his poor health . The study also found that a person would have to look at least 10 years older than her age before assumptions and concerns about his health could be made.

"Some people understand that when physicians describe their patients to other doctors, and often include an assessment of how they look older than their actual age, it is necessarily linked to the state of health" - said Dr. Stephen Wang (Stephen Hwang), a scientific researcher St. Michael’s Hospital and a professor at the University of Toronto. "Long-established medical practice that allows people who apparently do not match their real age is likely to have a weak health, but our analysis shows that this is not necessarily true."

For patients look a bit older than his years does not necessarily indicate lower health status. The analysis found that when a physician assesses that a person looks about five years older than their actual age, yet there is no apparent reason for the prediction of health problems. However, when the doctor sees that a person looks older than his years, ten years or more in 99 percent of these individuals differ in poor physical or mental health.

"The doctors simply assumed that their quick assessment of how the person looks in accordance with their age, may have significance in diagnosing" - explains Dr. Wang. "We were really surprised when they saw that the people who looked for a dozen years older, was not observed any obvious signs of poor health. Conversely, people with signs of ill health, respectively, looked his age. Doctors need to remember that even if patients look his age, we should not allow that their health is excellent. "

The researchers studied 126 people aged 30 to 70 years who were attending a doctor’s office. Participants completed a survey that accurately determined the state of their physical and mental health. Each person was photographed, and the pictures were shown to 58 physicians who needed to establish the real age of the person and assess whether the person looked older.

The analysis, published in the journal Journal of General Internal Medicine, provides new insights into the diagnosis of the state of health in accordance with the way it looks externally.

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