Mouse created by two males


Scientists have created a mouse that is a genetic product of two fathers. This result was obtained in a recent experiment, which is part of a series of experiments on mammalian reproduction.

Although this achievement is intriguing from a purely technical point of view, but its practical application is questionable. Any attempt to carry out the experiment on human beings, destined to become a complex and contradictory.

Researchers have described this technique as "new form breeding mammals" which can be used for improving livestock or endangered species conservation. More provocative way, given that manages to overcome some technical difficulties, "may be the production of genetic sons and daughters of the two men." But the technical difficulties will be extremely difficult to overcome.

"It was incredibly weird project, but we wanted to see if it can be done" with mice, said Richard Boehringer, lead author of the study and a geneticist at the Anderson Center in Houston.

Today, scientists have learned to adjust reproductive biology is extremely intricate ways. In April, researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, have created an embryo with DNA taken from one man and two women. The study, published in the journal Nature, was undertaken in order to allow mothers to avoid the transmission of genetic diseases to their children.

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