It is amazing! Red wine and cranberries are good for teeth


Uncorking this holiday season, a bottle of red wine and enjoying the fragrant bouquet, remember more about the benefits and effects of the drink on your teeth. According to information scientists, components found in red wine can prevent the formation of cavities and tartar.

"Compounds called polyphenols (polyphenols), contribute to blocking molecules formed as a result of the mutant bacteria streptococcus (streptococcus mutans), which are found in the mouth of every man" - said the researcher Hiun Koo (Hyun Koo), a microbiologist at the University Medical Center, Rochester, New York York.

Typically, these bacteria break down the sugar that we eat and create a sticky molecules called glucans, which are able to cling to our teeth and damage their surface, explained in his report Ku news site MyHealthNewsDaily. These bacteria also produce an acid that destroys the enamel, leading to the development of caries.

But fermented grape pulp, seeds and peel, which are waste in the production of wine, contain large amounts of polyphenols. Polyphenols, in turn, inhibit the ability of bacteria S. mutans, form glucans, allowing the good bacteria to grow in the oral cavity and block the activity of (sticking to the teeth), the bad bacteria.

"The oral cavity is a very rich microbial environment. It contains both the bad bacteria or pathogens and beneficial organisms."

Ku microbiologist who previously worked dentist within two years, found that the components operate in a similar manner cranberry - they inhibit molecules that promote the formation of a sticky surface on the teeth.

When researchers in one experiment, rats fed a component being in cranberry, A-type proanthocyanidins, they found that the acid production and glucans bacteria was reduced by 70 percent, and the formation of dental caries has decreased by 45 percent. These results were published in March in the journal of dental health Caries Research.

But Ku warns that you should not have too much to drink cranberry sauce or red wine glass after glass, as this will help you to experience the full power of the advantages of these components. Cranberry products, such as cranberry sauce, cranberry cocktail or juice, contain a lot of sugar, which is very bad for the teeth, and red wine can stain teeth.

In the future, Ku and his colleagues hope that will achieve the ability to add these compounds to the means for mouthwash, toothpaste or chewing gum to fight plaque and tooth decay. It is hoped that this information will be tested in a clinical setting for the next four years.

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