The vaccine against alcoholism may reduce alcohol consumption by 90%


New vaccine for the treatment of alcoholism causes a feeling of terrible hangover even after moderate use, instilling human aversion to drinking.

Researchers from Chile said that the vaccine neutralises a group of enzymes called adegid dehydrogenase, which play an important role in the process of withdrawal of alcohol from the body.

This increases nausea, accelerate heartbeat, sweating causes and worsens the overall condition.

"With the vaccine desire to consume alcohol will be greatly reduced due to a reaction of the body" - said lead researcher Juan Asen from Chile.

He added that the injection will have the greatest impact on the liver cells, avoiding the attention of other cells.

Asenov said that he hopes that this injection will reduce alcohol consumption by 90-95 percent. They will continue to experiment on animals before they pass over to tests on humans in 2012.

Original: News.bioscholar

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