Blocking the enzyme inhibits the spread of cancer in the body


Scientists of the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK were able to prevent the spread of breast cancer to other organs in the bodies of mice, blocking the chemical. In their experiments, they showed that blocking the enzyme LOXL2 prevented the development of metastases.

They claim that their information published in the edition of Cancer Research, is a "fantastic treatment" and with "absolute probability" can be used in a clinical setting.

Charitable organizations that specialize in cancers, they say, research is very promising. Authors of scientific data report that 90% of cancer deaths are due to the relocation of tumors throughout the body.

When they examined the patients with breast cancer, they noticed that the high levels of the enzyme LOXL2 were linked the spread of cancer cells and the weak performance of survival.

They also showed that the enzyme LOXL2 played a critical role in the early stages of cancer proliferation. It helps the transition of cancer cells with tissue chest area and entering them into the bloodstream. In studies in mice, the researchers used chemicals and antibodies that block the activity of LOXL2. This stopped the spread of breast cancer to other tissues.

Dr Janine Erler (Janine Erler), head of the research group at the Institute of Cancer Research, said the following: "LOXL2 - a fantastic method of treatment, it is very likely that it will soon be used in a clinical setting."

She said that the information was important not only for drug development, but also to develop a test that can predict the probability of spread of the cancer patients and as a result, death.

Arlene Wilkie (Arlene Wilkie), Director of Breast Cancer Research, which funded the analysis together with the ICR and the Institute of Cancer Research UK said: "The results of Dr. Erler striking, since up to now we could treat breast cancer, which is spreading rapidly, but we could not cure him. "

"Using the enzyme LOXL2 to predict the spread of cancer and the use of drugs to block this enzyme, you can stop the process and save the poor far more lives. This laboratory study gives great hope, and we expect soon to see how it will affect patients."

Dr Julie Sharp (Julie Sharp), a senior researcher at the Institute of Information Manager at Cancer Research UK, said: "The spread of cancer cells is an important problem in breast cancer and other types of cancer, and scientists are constantly searching for methods to prevent the spread of this and save more human lives. research team showed that blocking the molecule LOXL2, which plays a key role in the spread of cancer cells could be a major method of dealing with this problem. "

Original: BBC Translation: M. Potter

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