Having lost half of the brain in a car accident, she has found a talent for painting


Having lost half of the brain as a result of a terrible car accident, the girl woke up from a coma with new abilities for painting.

Three years have passed since Taisa Sidorova 22 years of Art. Petersburg, was in a terrible car accident, which resulted in fragments of the skull bones stuck in the brain and had to remove the left hemisphere of the brain. Doctors removed the heavily damaged left hemisphere of her brain, which is responsible for logical thinking and analysis, and established a protective plate in her head.

They are not very hopeful for the restoration of the girl and her mother were warned Irene, she probably will not return to a full life and will be disabled. But gradually, thanks to the love and support of his family, Taisa began to return to normal life and start to talk and, ultimately, the parents were allowed to take the girl home.

The girl’s mother, Irina said: "Right now, she needs a lot of rest and gather strength, as she has to move one more surgery to reconstruct the skull." "The ability she opened when she once began to sketch the drawing - for therapy - although she was never interested in this before. And she really good at drawing. We bought her paints and do not stop to admire her artistic creations of top class" - Thais mother added.

A teacher from the school where she studied Taisa, Lyudmila Ostrovsky, said: "I’ve never noticed her artistic abilities, but it seems to have now become a new man - she has a natural talent for artistic creativity. This is unbelievable."

Then Irina added, "Taisa was like a vegetable in the beginning. Doctors did not believe that she would be able to survive. I do not want to hear about it and continued to sit by the bed daughter, praying, massaging her body and talking to her." She said that the first signs of life she filed during the Christmas holidays. When Irina crying over her daughter’s bed, Taisa raised her hand to wipe the tears of mother. Two years later, she learned how to hold a pencil in his left hand, and then moved to a brush and paints.

The doctor who treated the Thais said the following: "The human brain is a wonderful thing. In her case, the remaining part of the brain seems to have evolved to compensate for the missing part, and at the same time gave her before unseen talent for art."

In modern medicine physicians often necessary to perform an operation to remove half of the brain when a person suffers, for example, severe attacks which hinder its normal life. A study conducted by neurologist John Freeman (John Freeman) of Johns Hopkins University, found that the younger the patient who underwent hemispherectomy (removal of one hemisphere), the more chances for its recovery.

He cited the example of one young patient who became a champion of baseball, and the other, who became champion in chess. He added: "A man can walk, run, some dance or jump, but he loses control of the hand, located at the remote side of the brain.

We Thais, who lost his left hemisphere, only limited movement of his right hand and eyesight. She now paints with his left hand.

The researcher also found that the left side of the brain controls speech but because it has been removed, the right side can fully assume the role of communication.

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