Sustainable development in the social plane. The basic elements of human health


In today’s world, due to the rapid development of innovations in medicine, food industry and other socially-oriented sectors, including through biotechnology revolution, mankind has learned to significantly prolong life and maintain its high quality, even in deep old age. But, at the same time, it seems that only in a harmonious synthesis of potential scientific and practical tools and comprehensive commitment to the attainment of the individual directly Health may achieve personal sustainability.

Given the above, and without prejudice to the importance of a supportive environment, complete security and full of comfort (visual, acoustic, olfactory, thermal, electromagnetic, spatial, etc.), the author, with the assistance of Institute of Nutrition, identified and classified the following basic elements of health account which will allow a person to maintain the quality of life at a consistently high level:

1. Personal responsibility for yourself, purposeful performance of real concrete action to preserve and improve health.

2. The use of organic products in the home and other spheres of life.

3. Normal (low-noise, shallow, light, infrequent) nasal breathing clean fresh air with undistorted proportional ratio of the components (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.) are included in inhaled gas mixture.

4. Drinking enough genuine, useful in composition, pleasant to the taste of drinking water.

5. Optimal (adequate environment, physiological needs, type of activity) of biologically valuable food (mainly plant) food with a long thorough chewing.

6. The use of a comfortable functional clothing of natural materials (wool, linen, cotton, silk, etc.).

7. Prevention (sedentary life, staying in nature, correct posture, regular hardening, personal hygiene, etc.), exercise (brisk walking, press, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc.), no bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.), the minimization of the negative traits (pride, sloth, envy, greed, etc.).

8. The creative labor and social activity in a fun, varied holiday, restful sleep on a hard, flat bed, adherence to a balanced daily routine, knowledge and consideration of biorhythms.

9. Temperance, sincerity, acceptable psycho-emotional stress with a predominance of positive background, spirituality, morality, love.

10. Confidence, energy, stress, adaptability, self-control, strong willpower to overcome depression, positive attitude, genuine (informed, reasoned, heartfelt) optimism.

11. System constructive rational-intuitive thinking, comprehensive improvement, continuous learning and harmonious development on the basis of quality information, the elimination of false stereotypes and imposed psevdopotrebnostey.

12. Objective and subjective control of the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual condition in the background, analysis and correction of deviations from the norm.

As is seen, it is a comprehensive approach to leading healthy lifestyles, based on the short and the principles articulated above, will allow people of all ages to not only restore the health to the right degree, but, in fact, a natural way to preserve it for a long time.

Author: Doctor of naukBeniamin Spiridonovich Paylevanyanhttp :/ /

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