Intimate tattoo can cause permanent erectile dysfunction in men


Tattoos have long been in vogue and have become a symbol of the XXI century. A huge number of young people under the age of 30 years tend to adorn their skin. In most cases, this desire for self-expression or just impulsive youth, but the young boys and girls decided to put tattoos on his body, little is know about the dangers and consequences of the most bizarre procedure involving the application of paint under the skin.

Permanent tattoo, as experience shows, can cause the most unexpected reactions. A striking example is the case that happened in Iran, where 21-year-old began to suffer from constant erection after tattooing on an intimate part of his body. Young man tattooed on his penis phrase "borow be salaamat", which in Persian means "pleasant journey" with the letter M, the letter, which begins the name of his girlfriend, as reported by employees of the Medical University of Kermanshah.

The state of the young man in medicine known as priapism, the term opposite impotence, is the long, often painful erection that is not associated with sexual stimulation and lasts more than four hours. This phenomenon is most common among boys aged 5 to 10 years and men aged 20 to 50 years. The researchers point out that such a case, when the state of tattooing causing priapism, they encountered for the first time. This case was published in the January issue of the journal Sexual Medicine.

Tattoo artist would paint the skin with a needle portable tattoo machine. After the procedure, the skin of the penis men began to bleed, and the penis thus remained in polueregirovannom 24 hours a day, and all of this was accompanied by severe pain for eight days.

But even after a visit to doctors, a state of constant erections continued for almost three months. Doctors conducted a number of tests to rule out other possible causes of pain, such as urinary tract infection, leukemia or syphilis. As a result, they came to the conclusion that in all probability, that tattooing was the cause of bleeding of the penis, as the needle tattoo machine at drawing the figure penetrated too deeply into the skin.

Doctors determined that blood continued to arrive and leave the cavernous body, so they are diagnosed in men nonischemic priapism. This occurs when the blood from the body enters the sexual organ faster than it can go out, leaving it for a long time in a state of erection due to the increased pressure. Ischemic priapism, in which blood can not leave the corpus cavernosum of the penis, is a more serious condition that can cause serious harm to men’s health, if you do not apply at the time of the specialists.

Doctors prescribed a young person additional procedures to drain excess blood. But this has not led to improvements. According to the researchers, the young man refused additional surgery because it almost does not feel pain, and it does not prevent him from having sex. In addition, he does not regret a tattoo. However, doctors urge young people to beware of tattooing genitals.

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