The Chinese plant will save us from aging and multiple sclerosis


The extract derived from the roots of an evergreen plant with beautifully decaying branches called dihroyya antifebrific (Dichroa febrifuga), which is native to Tibet, causes the cells of the body "think" that they are starving. Shrubby plant that reaches a height of 1 meter, belongs to the family gortenzievyh and is typically used for interior landscaping. Over the millennia, the extract was used in ancient times in Chinese medicine as an effective means of malaria.

Now, scientists at the Harvard Dental School (Harvard School of Dental Medicine), Boston inclined to say that the active component of the extract, called galofuginon, may well become a powerful weapon in the fight against multiple sclerosis and the aging of the body, as reported by the publication New Scientist.

A team of researchers led by Professor Tracy Keller determined that this substance is able to block the immune reaction of the body that contribute to the development of disease. According to the researchers, the cells inhibit the synthesis process is not as important to their survival proteins in the case of deficiency of amino acids.

Substance galofuginon simulates the process of amino acid starvation by blocking a certain enzyme species and initiates a flood of biochemical reactions, which in science is known as AAR (amino acid response). Thus, AAR inhibit the growth of malaria parasites, and blood cells in turn cease to produce proteins that cause inflammation.

Examining in detail the mechanism of action galofuginona, the researchers came to the conclusion that it can serve as a very effective tool in the procedure of the treatment of various autoimmune diseases. In addition, they noted that fasting may moderately increase the life expectancy of a person, and as galofuginon simulates the state of hunger, it is possible that the magical extract of the roots of the bush is able to slow down the irreversible aging of the human body.

The study was described in detail in the current issue of the scientific journal Nature Chemical Biology.

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