What is the ideal duration of breastfeeding?


Be honest. Cover of Time Magazine this week (pictured) makes you feel uncomfortable? If yes, then you are not alone. Cover photo shows a 3-year-old boy standing on a chair to reach the breast of his mother. This artwork is called "inflammatory" and "sex" as the magazine reports on Twitter this morning. Photo shows a magazine article about the education detey.Kak connected history of prolonged breast-feeding in the article explains squeamish reaction is uniquely American. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for at least two years of age and the average age of weaning around the world - about 4 years old, the natural age of weaning in humans is between 2 and 7 years, according to the World Academy of Family vrachey.V the United States, although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months, only 15 percent of women do so (44 percent breast-feed their children a little more than 6 months). By the time their children reach the age of 1 year, fewer than 25 percent of American mothers - are still feeding grudyu.Takie numbers help explain our surprise, but perhaps not the extent of the emotional impact of watching fotografii.Nekotorye theorize that this is - intentional "sexualization" chest in the United States, which leads to inconvenience. Edition of Forbes wonders how this will affect the business and reputation of the Time’s, while Slate published a post on his blog, which refers to breastfeeding as a "cult" and a movement in defense of such feeding as "repressive": "There is a very simple objection it is virtually impossible to do what they say advocates breastfeeding. now very difficult to do what is best for your child, and have the job that are today the vast majority of American mothers, "writes Hannah Rozin.Statya Time’s not the only a recent episode of breastfeeding, captured everyone’s attention: In March, Harpers published a story called "The Tyranny of Breastfeeding," which suggested that the artificial (bottle) feeding would be at risk. On the opposite side of the breast-feeding mother organized opposition to Target and Facebook in recent mesyatsy.Zhenschina on the cover photo - 26-year-old Jamie Lynn Grumeti of Los Angeles, which itself took away from breastfeeding to 6 years. "The more people see it, the more it will become normal in our culture, "she says in the magazine. "That - that’s what I hope to achieve. I want people to see it and would treat it well."

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