Quality of sleep affects healthy food choices


Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, in fact because of the brain is deprived of the ability to exercise choice in favor of healthy eating. To this conclusion, researchers at Columbia University.

At the same time, two new projects in which the authors studied the brains of people with disturbed sleep, have clearly demonstrated the effect of sleep deprivation on the rejection of healthy food and unhealthy food choices. Nevysypayuschiesya people are more preferred sweet foods such as chocolates, cakes and donuts, and get enough sleep - fruits and vegetables. This is directly related to the fact that the main area of the brain that are associated with the process of remuneration as a result of lack of sleep are activated when exposed to other areas that are responsible for controlling behavior.

Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge author of the study says - "This may explain, which is why a greater proportion of people with disability obesity observed a variety of disruptions of sleep and vice versa."

During the experiment, 25 men and women with normal weight looked at pictures of various foods as "unhealthy" and "healthy". Some volunteers before that for five nights sleeping normally, and some sleep was specifically limited to four hours.

The group received a smaller amount of sleep part of the brain that are responsible for remuneration, to a greater extent were activated when placing images of "junk food" and when this group showed any fruit or vegetable salads, these areas of the brain did not respond.

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