A new discovery in the diagnosis of dementia


A team of specialists from the Hospital of Austin has developed a technology that allows you to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease in a couple of years before the first symptoms.

Experts in the report suggest that this imaging technology gives the opportunity due to the impact analysis of the position of beta-amyloid protein to identify signs of dementia - the main cause of progression to disease.

It is known that beta-amyloid deposits are formed in the human brain for several years before the first symptoms of abnormalities. They destroy the neural pathways and provoke deterioration of behavior, language skills and memory. Consequently, the protein is for mild cognitive impairment.

Vice president of sales and marketing areas of molecular imaging, Alexander Zimmermann emphasizes: "We, in turn, popytaemya provide professionals a complete solution for visualization of protein deposits in the form of a valid method for assessment of human health from the point of view of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases."

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