Cancer will be diagnosed by the tears


Australian scientists said that human tears can be diagnosed in his breast and prostate cancer, as well as to identify predisposition to the emergence of these diseases.

A group of Australian researchers led by Professor Mark Wilcox examined the proteins contained in tears, which they assumed would be the basis for the development of rapid, simple, non-invasive method of detecting and diagnosing cancer.

The researchers chose to study is breast cancer and prostate cancer, as in these cases, the hormones change will also affect the production of tears. Besides identify these diseases in the early stages is extremely difficult. A mammogram, which is used to determine breast cancer, often misses small tumors, and for the diagnosis of prostate cancer is needed rectal analysis, both of these treatments are very unpleasant.

Scientists using mass spectrometry has identified the content in tears of human protein biomarker. This makes it possible to identify the protein from the available amino acids in it and their sequence, then to compare the results with the known protein sequences and to find the differences in the proteins of cancer patients and healthy people. Now scientists are studying biomarkers in tears of patients with cancer, to identify differences in the combinations of about 100 proteins in the tear fluid. They have already identified five biomerkerov that change in the event of cancer.

Professor Wilcox said that in 5-10 years, this development will be on the market. During this time, the researchers intend to optimize the technique and to develop a simple test like a home pregnancy test, just on a piece of paper will need to collect tears.

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