New particles can not live without respiratory


Scientists have invented a way to manage without external breathing.

The new discovery is more like a story sci-fi movie than real life: Researchers have developed a micro-particles which, when injected into the bloodstream quickly sends oxygen to your body, even if you can no longer breathe. This is one of the best years of current medical discoveries that could eventually save millions of lives every year.

This discovery, made by a team at Boston Hospital for Children, will allow doctors to maintain the patient’s life in the event of acute respiratory failure in 15-30 minutes. This time is sufficient for the medical profession to take the necessary steps without the risk of heart attack or permanent damage to the patient’s brain.

This discovery has already been successfully tested on animals with a critical failure of the lungs. When doctors injected the liquid in their veins, the oxygen in their blood flow is restored to near-normal levels, preserving their lives for precious minutes.

These particles consist of oxygen gas bubbles covered with a layer of lipid. It is quite natural molecule that the body uses to store energy, or as a component of cell membranes.

The size of these fat particles oxygen is about 2-4 micrometers. They are suspended in a liquid solution which can be used by personnel intensive care and ambulance. This extraordinary elixir contains "three to four times more oxygen than red blood cells."

The solutions in the past have not been successful, as the cause gas embolism, rather than cells with oxygen saturation. According to John Kheyra from the Department of Cardiology at Boston hospital for children, they were able to solve this problem through the use of deformable particles, instead of bubbles:

"We overcame this problem by packaging the gas into small, deformable particles. They have significantly increased the surface area of gas exchange and are able to squeeze through those capillaries that are stuck in the gas."

Kheyr hit on the idea of development of injected oxygen in 2006, after failing to treat one of his young patients. Because krovoizleyaniya the lungs, the girl suffered severe brain damage that led to her death before doctors had time to put it in the machine, "the heart-lung machine."


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