Radioactive patch to protect against skin cancer


At the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine was presented to the original treatment for the most common cancer - skin cancer. We are talking about radioactive patch.

The new technology of treatment of this disease involves the imposition of a tumor patch containing the isotope P-32 (Phosphorus-32). The patch has already passed clinical trials, the results of which proved its very high efficiency. 80% of patients who participated in the testing of the new facility, the use of the patch allowed to destroy the cells of basal cell carcinoma of the skin of the face. In this case, in order to achieve recovery, it was not necessary to use radiation therapy or to resort to surgery.

There are two types of skin cancer: non-melanoma (basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma) and melanoma, penetrating deep into the skin cells that produce pigment. In this case, the most common is basal cell carcinoma, which affects the surface layer of the skin.

Scientists have proposed a new method of treatment of this disease, which is based in plaster sticking with the isotope P-32. It is weakly radioactive isotope decay period which is only about 14 days. The radiation from the patch killing cancer cells in the surface layer of human skin, as it is absolutely safe for the organism as a whole.

The treatment of basal cell cancer using radioactive patch can be performed outpatient. It consists of multiple sessions and sticking plaster may be used to treat patients who can not be transplanted skin.

In a clinical trial involved 10 patients 32-74 years old with cancer entity. They were seven-day treatment with radioactive patch P-32, which was applied three times at three hours. After spending a biopsy cancerous lesions, the researchers found that 8 of the 10 patients were cured of cancer.

This technique opens up new possibilities in the fight against dangerous, people often disfiguring skin cancer. According to WHO, the world each year to 3 million new cases. In the United States, skin cancer is facing one in five people.

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