Camoudovletvorenie brain causes back pain


Chronic back pain that lasts for years, has less to do with diseases of local nerves or muscles, but with the increase in the activity of two brain areas, one of which controls the sense of satisfaction and the emergence of a man of pleasant relationships.

Because of the constant back pain suffers a lot of people. It is difficult to find at least one adult person who is unfamiliar with the problem. Sometimes back pain for a few days, and sometimes the pain does not stop for years, turning into chronic pain and poisoning the life of a man. Until now, everyone believed that the cause of such pain are back problems, but experts from Northwestern University believe that the cause of chronic back pain lies in a malfunction of the brain.

This group of researchers studied back pain for two years. In the course of their research, they found that the back pain in the brain are observed neurophysiological changes, but at first they could not figure out what is the cause and which is the result: whether chronic back pain leads to reorganization of neural networks, or cause neurophysiological changes back to suffer. And then, finally, scientists have solved this difficult dilemma in favor of the brain.

The study included people with moderate low back pain, continuing for up to four months. Scientists have observed the whole year dynamo pain and the condition of each patient’s brain. It was found that back pain is the result of over-activity of the two areas of the brain - the nucleus accumbens and insula lobe. The contiguous zone, or otherwise the center of reinforcement, in the form of remuneration for the right thing distinguishes dopamine. The activities of these two zones play an important role in educating the people and the emergence of emotional response to external stimuli. Furthermore, with the assistance center reinforcement formed different depending on when the brain in response to something, for example, a computer game or permanent overeating is pleasant reward.

Thus, back pain are due to brain complacency process using the above-mentioned zones. One can only say that the appearance of pain in the back precede neuroanatomical changes in the brain. And that is why increased activity center reinforcements, and insular areas leads to the strange result remains to be seen.

According to the authors, it is likely that other pain, which blamed the muscles or bones may in fact be related to problems with the nervous system.

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