Cheese will help prevent diabetes


Daily consumption of two slices of cheese, can reduce by 12% the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is closely associated with being overweight, according to the publication The Daily Mail. Secret of the useful properties of cheese lies, it seems, in its fermentation.

A group of British and Dutch researchers decided to look into this issue by examining the diet of 16,800 healthy people and 12,400 people affected diabetom.Kak it turned out, the participants consumed daily for at least 55 grams of cheese, faced with diabetes, 12% less likely. Meanwhile, a similar reduction in the likelihood of developing the disease was observed in the use of 55 grams of yogurt a day.

According to experts, probiotic cultures, which are rich in dairy products, reduce cholesterol, and initiate the production of useful components. Additionally, milk, yogurt and cheese are a rich source of vitamin D, magnesium and calcium.

However, despite the obvious benefits of dairy products, physicians do not recommend to adhere to a strict diet of milk. Dr. Ian Frame of Diabetes UK center in the UK advises foster a balanced diet, do not focus on individual products.

In an earlier study, the researchers included in the list of various cheese products that energize the body and at the same time effectively and permanently satisfy hunger.

However, there are some very interesting facts about cheese. A few years ago, scientists were struck by the public information about the different types of British cheese can influence the content of dreams, in particular, to cause nightmares. However, none of the studies volunteers were not told that before experiencing nightmares.

So, fans of Stilton cheese had strange dreams, red Leicester fans all night watching the dreams of the past, and admirers of Lancashire had dreams about the future. Wanting to immerse themselves in the dream of celebrity, you seem to have to try to sleep a kind of cheese like cheddar.

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