Anesthesia of the Future: hypnosis replace anesthesia


Scientists have confirmed that the use of general anesthesia during surgery in humans takes several years of life. Therefore, medicine is in search of an alternative method of painless major surgical interventions. "Today, instead of some types of anesthesia can be used hypnotic sessions. For example, you can take a biopsy of the liver and a number of operations in cancer patients, "- says David Spiegel, a professor at Stanford University.

The researchers say that doctors refer to hypnosis is not serious, considering it a fraud. In reality hypnotization can help not only feel pain during surgery, but is conscious to talk with the doctors. At Stanford University used hypnotization children during catheterization, inspire kids to think that the hand tied balloon that takes them to your favorite sites, so that they remain calm during the entire operation.

"Reason is asleep, and the body is in working condition. This method reduces the need for anesthesia drug, and that means reducing postoperative recovery of the patient, "- explains the essence of the technique anesthesiologist Fabienne Roelants. In addition, the widespread use of gipnohirurgii significantly reduce hospital costs for anesthesia.

It is known that Iran doctors used hypnosis during childbirth by cesarean section. Since 2003, Belgium had held about 800 surgeries with the use of hypnosis as an anesthetic. Regained physicians experience has shown that after gipnonarkoza patients recover faster, compared with patients after the same operation, but with the use of general anesthesia.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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