Low-fat diet does not prolong life


Compliance with the diet low in calories does not help to live longer. Such a disappointing conclusion made in the course of the study conducted in monkeys, scientists from the University of Texas.

Many nutritionists do not stop to argue that reducing calories in the diet, below the recommended level will help to prolong life. This is due to the fact that constant feeling of hunger as if it makes the body work more efficiently, which contributes to its lower amortization and an increase in the degree of resistance to diseases of all kinds.

However, recently, U.S. scientists have proved, so far the example of monkeys that reducing calories in the diet did not extend the life of the animal. 57 macaques, which are regularly cut diet did not differ after a healthy cardiovascular system, fewer incidences of diabetes, cancer and many other diseases from their 64 relatives whose power remained unchanged.

"If a diet that allows us to live a long time, and there is, so far it has not come up, - said in a statement biologist Stephen Oustad, who analyzed the study. - And such a diet, most likely, and all can not be. Anyway, advise people eat less for the sake of longevity is meaningless. "

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