Smoking cannabis triggers testicular cancer


Researchers at the University of Southern California have found an association between smoking cannabis and the risk of testicular cancer with a low probability of recovery. These results of the studies published in the journal Cancer.

Scientists of the American Cancer Society found that the disease is provoked not only marijuana, but also its use for medicinal purposes in young male representatives.

Oncology male gonads is a very common type of cancer among males with age from 15 to 45 years. The most frequent malignant its forms, which provoked adverse ecological environment.

Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine Kortesis Victoria and her colleagues at the University of Southern California have been studied 163 narratives of young men suffering from testicular cancer about their own experience of smoking cannabis for recreational purposes. These data are compared with the information obtained from 292 healthy men of the same nationality and the same age.

The researchers found that marijuana smokers suffer twice as likely neseminoy tumor (a form of cancer of the testicles) or a combination of germ cell tumor. This form of cancer in young men, and virtually no treatment is applied compared with testicular cancer (seminoma).

"We still do not know how Tigger cannabis in male gonads provoke carcinogenesis, and perhaps they act through endokannabioidnuyu system" - quoted in the press release, the words of Dr. Victoria Kortesis.

The same researchers noted that men used cocaine less likely to develop forms of testicular cancer. Researchers suspect that kokainschiki suffering testicular cancer just do not want to share their experience of using cocaine. Scientists believe that this claim we need more in-depth research.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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