Israeli scientists are diagnosed with cancer with a blood test


Completed research conducted by Israeli scientists developed their infrared instrument that its rays can detect cancerous changes in the cells of the blood. Consequently, the cancer will be diagnosed in a simple blood test, reports

Designed in Israel, a new method proved effective in almost 90% of cases. Tests were carried out on 200 volunteers. The bulk of whom suffered from lung cancer and ovarian cancer. At the end of the first stage of research, the results were positive, triggering considerable interest among scientists.

At the moment, more in-depth studies are conducted in order to increase the diagnosis of cancer, conducted by a blood test. Israeli doctors tend to stick to the idea that they could invent a special technique for most forms of malignancies.

The revolutionary nature of this discovery is to find cancer cells in response to certain infrared radiation, this reaction is characterized as healthy cells absorb infrared rays.

In the human body, affected from cancer, changes occur in the cells in an earlier stage before the disease has been diagnosed. This method makes it possible to identify at an early stage of the development of cancer by preventing its further development.

Apart from the fact this type of diagnosis is technically accessible to medical facilities, making the procedure painless for the patient. For analysis to only 5 ml of blood.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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