Pronunciation of the emerging emotions can reduce stress


Is it possible to reduce the level of stress, fear and anxiety, just describing feelings arise? New psychological research at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has shown that verbal expression of emotions at the moment of their appearance, really has an impact.

Psychologists asked 88 volunteers, who were afraid of spiders, close to great live tarantulas, are in open containers. Participants were required to approach closer and closer to the spider and, if you have the spirit, you touch it.

Participants were divided into four groups. The first group was asked to describe the emotions arise and pronounce arising in relation to the tarantula feelings about this form: "I am scared and concerned about this ugly, terrifying spider."

The subjects in the second group used a neutral, encouraging and distracting turns of speech, without describing their fear or disgust, to relax and de-concern. For example, they might say, "That little spider can not hurt me. I’m not afraid of him." "This is a classic psychological approach designed to help you meet your fears," - said Michel Paint, a professor of psychology at UCLA.

Volunteers in the third group spoke abstract subject, and the fourth group kept a deathly silence at a meeting with the spider.

The researchers found that the first group did a much better job with the other three. These people were able to come closest to the spider: a lot closer than the third group and somewhat closer than the other two. The main component fear - sweating hands was emphasized in the first group is much smaller than in the other groups.

The results of this study will be published in the journal Psychological Science.

After analyzing the vocabulary momentum used by volunteers, the researchers found that the greater the negative words, the closer they can come to the spider and less sweating. In other words, worse than described in word tarantula, the less fear of meeting with him.

"Verbalization of emotions can arise experience frightening situations arise, saying ’I’m scared and I’m here." They do not try to push away the situation, saying that everything is fine. Subsidence occurs at the moment and there is a feeling, "- said the paint.

Scientists are studying how this approach can help the survivors of a traumatic situation, such as rape or domestic violence. This approach can be useful to the soldiers who took part in the hostilities.

"The region of the brain involved in the process of describing our current state, somehow dampens our emotional reactions, at least in some situations," - said the scientist.


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