The beauty of a woman is dangerous for the health of men


Spanish scientists have conducted an experiment in which revealed that the male half of the planet is at risk of developing diabetes or high blood pressure, impotence and even at the mere sight of a beautiful woman.

The researchers found that the presence of a beautiful lady for men is tantamount to a stressful situation. This is the result of physiological changes that adversely affect the health of our men.

Such changes are due to a large release of cortisol in the body men that destabilizes its hormones. Scientists are convinced that, in this kind of racing hormonal release violate a person’s metabolism and can lead to high blood pressure or diabetes, up to a total loss of libido.

Reaffirming its conclusions, the Spanish researchers selected 80 student volunteers to participate in an experiment conducted by them. Participants were asked to solve a logic puzzle in the presence of a beautiful girl. By itself, the task was simple enough, but next to her young men were lost, starting to worry. The participants were not in a condition to concentrate, because of the huge emission levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). Internally, young people feel after a jump with a parachute. But the interesting thing happened after she left the room, the level of hormones in the blood returned to normal, restoring the ability of the participants to focus on.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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