Children from three parents to be born in the next year


The Parliament of the United Kingdom, starting next year, may authorize the birth of three children of parents with the help of gene technology. Opponents of this method claim that it is a violation of the principles of sanctity of human life and can lead to unpredictable consequences for future generations of children born in this way.

In the UK are going to legalize the creation of genetically modified children. This law will allow the birth of babies, observing the requirements of the parents, without any hereditary diseases that can lead to death or turn into an invalid for life. As a result of this method will have two child family mother and one father.

Proponents of this method say that genetic modification of embryos and ova can help couples who suffer miscarriages sets and deadly genetic diseases. Opponents argue that the consequences of creating "designer children" to the end is not yet known and disrupted the mystery of birth.

The process of genetic "crossing" in most countries is prohibited. It allows scientists to reconstruct the kids until a certain eye color or hair. Thus becoming followers of eugenics (the science of human selection) is widely used by the Third Reich.

"Being at the origins of the field, we are balancing between the desire to help couples find healthy kids and adverse treatment of today’s society to these children - says a member of the Government Commission on Human Fertilisation and Embryology Lisa Jardine. - The stated goal of researchers pursuing noble intentions. After all, hereditary disease caused by a mutation in the DNA of the mitochondria and the birth of these children will be a sensation. "

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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