Control of stress depends on heredity


The ability to control themselves during times of stress at work depends largely on the inheritance of our genes. This statement was made by researchers at the College of Business. Menduzy from the University of Notre Dame. These studies are published in the scientific journal Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes.

Realized professor Timothy Judge and colleagues finding was based on a study of nearly 600 twins who were raised and grew up together. Scientists have noted that living in the same environment does not affect a person’s health and ability to control themselves during times of stress. The reason for that were the genes that, according to the scientists, superior environment is 4 times greater.

"Our studies are aimed at recognition of hereditary predisposition to the working stress. This means that regardless of the features of our environment, stress depends on our genetic code" - the T.Dzhadzh.

According to him, even though the working environment, nature prevails over us. To avoid stressful situations, you should not change jobs. These attempts fail, even at the new location will be the same voltage keen. The only correct solution is to determine its susceptibility to stress.

Scientists and the Canadian Institute of Health (Institute for Work and Health) and the Institute of Clinical Research in Toronto (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences) claim that job stress doubles the risk of developing diabetes in women. But on the strong floor this kind of situation does not have any attention.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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