Analgesics provoke headaches


Scientists from the National Institute of Health and Medical Assistance UK have found a scientific explanation for these massive appeals to the doctor about severe headaches. According to doctors, the reason lies in the abuse of analgesics (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, etc.). People use them, hoping to improve, but the pain extends only for a while, then to come back with a bang, according to the BBC BBC.

According Manzhita Mathare neurologist National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery deteriorating condition of the patients in the event of their use of analgesics often 15 days a month.

"Too frequent use of pain medication triggers excessive brain’s sensitivity to pain, thereby strengthening it. As a result, a vicious cycle, but the problem was solvable," - said Martin Underwood, professor of medical school Warwick.

Scientists are advised to do a limited intake of analgesics and move to a more benign and effective treatments. "People suffering from headaches related to overexertion and migraines may benefit from acupuncture. This eastern technique that is more efficient and has a good evidence base", - informs M.Andervud. In addition to headaches, acupuncture is also used for arthritis and chronic back pain.

It has also been proven by U.S. researchers that excessive use of analgesics female portion of the population provokes the loss of hearing.

Researchers at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, together with colleagues from the Institute of Neurosciences Netherlands have shown that daily use of aspirin in older people for the prevention of heart disease can cause loss of more than half the people who have never taken it.

As a result of studies conducted by the American physicians have proved that the use of various analgesics more than 10 years can lead to the development of renal cancer.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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