Women spend 17 years of life, weight loss


Fad diets come and go, but there will always be one that will outshine the rest. This helped to find out that ninety percent of women have at least once, but enjoyed by any particular diet. Thus, it was found out that the beautiful half of humanity spends an average of seventeen years in the struggle with weight. Over the life of a woman on average nine times changes the weight indexes. The study also showed that women twice a year, a diet, and then lose five kilograms.

The study, commissioned by the British commercial organization to eliminate excess weight, showed that a woman living 82 years old, and vesivshaya 65 kg. Begins to sit on a diet since the age years, lose weight nine times and spends seven weeks on a diet twice a year.

Moreover, all these years she spends the unfavorable struggle with excess pounds. According to scientists, pretty easy decision to lose weight: one need only look in the mirror or on the scale. However, stick to the plan is difficult and it requires some commitment.

Less than one percent during the year can not stick to a diet, but thirty percent within six months successfully reduce your diet. Also, there were also major incentives for weight loss: 18% - a wedding, 22% - health, 33% - summer vacation. 52% said that they do not stick to a diet to look good in clothes. What keeps women from losing weight? Thirty-three percent of asserting that the case in the lack of patience, and thirty five - blame the delicious food. And since 20% is generally considered that losing weight - it’s too expensive.

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