A simple blood test will determine cancer early


U.S. researchers have developed a blood test that helps to identify with precision the two most common types of cancer in patients. The test detects the presence of breast cancer and non-small cell lung cancer less than an hour. With such a blood test can detect the disease at a sufficiently early stage of development, even when no symptoms yet. The same test is planned soon to release and to identify pancreatic cancer.

Diagnosis of cancer in the early stages - a huge problem in medicine, since many types of cancer is detected at the time of active development. Most cancer pathologies their morphology consists of four phases which are based on the growth and spread of malignant tumors in the body of cancerous cells. Doctors usually detect lung cancer and breast cancer in the second stage, when patients begin to show typical symptoms such as pain, cough, and fatigue. However, those well-known: the earlier diagnosed with cancer, the greater the chances for successful treatment.

A new blood test developed by researchers from Kanzassa solves this problem well. A series of preliminary tests make it possible to 95 percent accuracy in detecting breast cancer in a first stage, and lung cancer - the first and second stages. According developers test is carried out by mixing the enzymes contained in the blood of patients with specific dye and certain amino acids. Each corresponds to a particular type of cancer is the signature pattern of enzyme activity - the doctors on the image signatures determine the presence of cancer of any type.

"For us, this test as a first step to new research. We hope that it will eventually help to improve methods for early diagnosis of malignant tumors in the human body, "- said Professor Daryl Troyer, one of the developers of the test from the University of Kansas. The researchers also reported that in October already begin research on the development of analysis for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

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