9 most essential to our health drinks


Human body consists of 60% liquid. Therefore, drinking is necessary for the maintenance of life in our body. One and an important part of our diet are drinks. They are rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances that prolong our youth. But which ones are most useful?

For a long time the doctors say about the need to use an ordinary clean water. Moisture renews our cells prepyatsvy obesity, enriches our body with oxygen. But today we will talk about the other important drinks, which are also rich in essential elements for our health. Scientists say that in our diet to include nine drinks.

Green tea. The drink rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, neutralizes free radicals, hinders the formation of malignant formations, protects the cardiovascular system and strengthens bones.

Mint tea. Normalize digestion, and this can be attributed to drink because of their anti-spasm relaxant qualities. Reduces fatigue and enhances sleep.

Low-fat milk. Well satisfies the appetite, which is important for keeping your body in shape. Contains a large amount of calcium, vitamin D, and animal proteins. It goes well with the proportion of milk fat content of 1%.

Soy milk. In value not inferior to normal. Rich in amino acids. Prevents the formation of cardiovascular diseases. Reduces the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Cocoa. Like the hot chocolate is involved in the formation of serotonin (the hormone of happiness). Improves our mood and relieves headaches. Prevents cancer.

Tomato juice. Rich in lycopene - the main enemy in the fight against cancer.

Cranberry juice. Contains benzoic acid, which promotes the action of antibiotics. Cranberry juice protects our urinary and digestive system from the onslaught of various infections, prevent gum disease, removes from the blood of the "bad" cholesterol.

Orange juice. Saturated with ascorbic acid boosting our immunity. Daily use reduces fatigue, provides our body in shape and strengthens the walls of our blood vessels. Also, doctors recommend drinking orange juice during pregnancy, which is caused by the content of folevoy acid, which prevents the abnormalities in the fetus.

Vitgrass. The juice of sprouts grown wheat. It contains almost all kinds of vitamins known to science, and about 100 of easily digestible minerals. It contains enzymes akseleriruyut metabolism, prevents the development of cancer. It is also called "the elixir of youth." Antioxidants found in it shall suspend the aging process.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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