Japanese scientists have announced the imminent victory over caries


Japanese scientists from the Faculty of Biological Sciences and Technology Kinki University announced the creation of a microscopic film that can cover the teeth, thus preventing the development of caries.

The film, called "dental pad" consists of an elastic and durable material, which was obtained based on the natural mineral enamel - calcium hydroxyapatite. It not only protects the teeth, but also gives them a beautiful white appearance.

The thickness of the protective film is only 0.004 mm. It is created in a vacuum, by means of a laser beam on the hydroxyapatite crystals, that under such exposure is divided into small particles. Later, these particles are mixed with warm salt crystals, and the result is a fine and strong film, which can see only under special light. It has a porous surface, which helps to remove formed by stacking the tooth surface bubbles.

According to Japanese scholars until the end of the study have less than five years. If all goes according to plan, very soon it will be possible to talk about a final victory for tooth decay.

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