7 steps on the path to a healthy and happy life


People who use daily 7 servings of fruits and vegetables feel more cheerful and stay sane, according to a new study.

Researchers in the field of economics and health at the University of Warwick studied the eating habits of 80,000 people in the UK. They found that mental health has improved with each serving of fruits and vegetables consumed daily. In particular, this result was required at least seven receptions vegetables and fruits every day.

The study was conducted jointly with the specialists at Dartmouth College (Dartmouth College) and published in the journal Social Indicators Research.

Most of the representatives of the Western health organizations recommends eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day for the health of the cardiovascular system and protect against cancer.

Today, a quarter of the UK population eats less than one daily serving of fruits and vegetables and do not eat them at all. It was only a tenth of Britons every day holds magic number 7, setting the number of rounds of plant foods in the preparation of their diet. The study did not focus attention on any specific types of fruits and vegetables, and a portion meant about 80 grams.

Study co-author Sarah Stewart-Brown (Sarah Stewart-Brown), a professor at the Warwick Medical School, said: "The statistical data on the use of fruit and vegetables are striking. Should be noted that the number that you want to achieve good mental well-being and Mental health is often neglected by researchers. "

However, she stressed that further study of causal effects to make more accurate conclusions.

Original (In English. Lang): Medicalxpress.com Translation: M. Potter

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