Images of kittens and puppies significantly increase productivity


Pictures with images of cute kittens or puppies like to see a clock not only the fair sex. Often the stronger sex and is willing to spend time on something to admire the charming young animals. Researchers claim the employers that there’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, increases the productivity of workers. Japanese researchers from Hiroshima University have studied the influence of positive emotion in people when viewing pictures with cute animals on their activities, and in particular labor productivity. Specialists conducted opinion poll suggesting participate 48 student volunteers in a simple experiment. The volunteers were divided into three groups: one group treated with animal pictures, second group - the photo is of adult animals, and the third - look at the pictures that do not belong to the animal world. Then, the volunteers played a game for the Coordination of hand movements, are searching for numbers in numeric arrays, and demonstrated their ability to concentrate at the right time for certain things. It was found that the participants in the first group showed better themselves, that they are ahead of the game positive energy, lifting your spirits when viewing images from the seals and pups. The group of subjects who were treated with photo adult animals, took second place. Weak results showed that at all and did not see pictures of animals. "This study demonstrates that the subsequent performance in tasks that require accuracy, improves the viewing of nice things. Perhaps this is because the area of human attention is narrowed, he begins to focus" - note the Japanese researchers in a paper published in the edition of PLoS ONE.

In his earlier work, researchers from the land of the rising sun have suggested that a similar effect on human enchanting pictures inherent in the very nature of it, as soon as we see something sweet and kind, we immediately begin to treat everything softer and more anxious.

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