After five years of "Armageddon virus" will destroy the human species


Scientists are sounding the alarm: they identified the virus earlier inglorious science, which is transmitted to humans from the animal world, capable of destroying mankind in the near future.

One of the victims, has already become the British 38 years. He died the other day from a viral Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in a hospital in London.

Symptoms of the disease - nausea, fever, aching pain in the joints, pain, headache. In the course of the disease the patient’s body is covered with large hematomas, and begin uncontrolled bleeding in internal organs.

Doctors believe that the Englishman had contracted the infection in Afghanistan when staying with a cousin’s wedding. The disease is extremely common in domesticated and wild animals in Asia and Africa, it is a carrier of one of the species of tick.

During the study, experts from England found that infectious diseases that are transmitted to humans - zoonosis - spreading a virus inglorious science. Thanks to the gene-scanning failed to understand that the virus is a relative of SARS, which claimed in 2003, thousands of human lives, but all the same, the composition of it a little different.

From the same virus and the Englishman suffered 49 years. In September, with an intense cough and high fever, he found himself in the hospital. Among other things, he has revealed problems with breathing. Doctors also found out that in the summer from such symptoms died 60-year-old man.

John Oxford, a leading British virologist, Professor, Queen Mary Hospital, University of London, warned that after five years humanity should expect zonoznyh spread of infectious diseases. The world leader in the field of epidemics stressed that for all humanity the consequences of this epidemic will be critical.

According to the scientist, this infection is a new kind supergrippa. First, he will destroy the peoples of Africa and Asia, eventually, they spill over to the whole world. This disease is transmitted to humanity from domesticated or wild animals.

Oxford mentioned the epidemic took place in 2009 - "swine flu." The virus has infected hundreds of millions of people around the world. An unknown virus could trigger an epidemic comparable to the Spanish epidemic of the virus in 1917, and may well beat her. Recall that in the time of the "Spanish flu" killed some hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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