"Young" blood slows down brain aging


Blood transfusion of young people into the body of middle age can delay the onset of certain diseases of old age, including Alzheimer’s disease, and keep the brain healthy for a longer period, according to the publication The Telegraph.

The study, conducted by researchers from Stanford University, provided for a series of experiments on laboratory mice. Older animals, as it turned out, that received blood their young counterparts, showed in tests of memory condition better than those animals that transfusion does not.

"Turning to the issue of early aging of the brain, when our body is still under control, we may not have to struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. We will be able to prevent its development, "- said Dr. Saul Villeda, head of research, presenting information at a conference in New Orleans.

During the month, Dr. Villeda made eight transfusions of plasma group of 18-month-old mice that had belonged to their younger brethren, in the end it was five per cent of the total blood volume.

Later, the mice were placed in a maze filled with water, where they were required to find their own way to the platform on which they could not resist. Older mice that received a blood transfusion, handled much faster with this task than those rodents who did not undergo transfusion.

In addition, it was found that the mice who received a transfusion in the brain began to form new synapses that are essential for transmission of impulses between neurons.

An interesting fact is that in earlier studies has been installed and the opposite effect. In young animals that old blood transfusion, there were obvious signs of premature aging of the brain.

In the future, the researchers plan to find out exactly which proteins cause brain damage in the blood of older people, and to consider the possible use of blood transfusions in order to protect from disease in the elderly.

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