The tablet of old age in the next decade will


Scientists say that the pill, which can prevent the aging process will be available in the coming decades.

Linda Partridge (Linda Partridge), a geneticist at University College London, says that the drug will allow middle-aged people do not grow old so quickly, reducing the risk of serious diseases such as cancer and madness, suppressing the causes at the root of their development - the aging of the organism as a whole .

Creation of such a tablet does not promise immortality to people instead receiving such drugs in middle age or earlier will significantly shorten the period of disease and ill-health, which usually precedes death in old age, reports the publication Telegraph.

In its report on the EMBO conference in Nice (France) Linda Partridge said that drugs of this type will have on the effect of a strict diet, which has been shown in animals, can protect against a range of geriatric diseases, including heart disease and all types of diabetes.

"One of the common methods to combat the soaring incidence of senile diseases is to prevent the aging process itself, as it is a major risk factor" - quoted by The Daily Telegraph.

"All we want is to slow down the onset of the period of ill health to death slowly creeping up, causing people to suffer, while advancing at once.

"We are not talking about immortality, we are just trying to get rid of the period of disease, which occurs in every elderly person when life begins to approach its end, to delay the onset of age-related diseases," - she added.

Genetic changes and strict diets used in studies with animals have shown that slow down the aging process can be achieved by blocking the action of certain chemicals in it that coordinate our reproductive system, everything from growth to metabolism.

Previously, researchers with the help of some drugs used by people, including aspirin and metformin known drug for the treatment of diabetes, have shown how gene mutation and strict diet affect our bodies, having anti-aging properties.

Since drugs can prevent aging of the organism, they can protect against wear, and other parts of the body, such as muscles, bones and skin.

In the following decades, scientists will be able to combine the main active ingredients in a single tablet that will protect us from old age, predicted Linda Partridge.

Original: Translation: M. Potter

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