Weight loss increases libido in women


For a long time researchers have argued that the reduction in body weight in women contributes to the rapid Bole conceive a child. However, recent scientific research has shown that this is not the case. Instead, weight loss obese person increases sexual desire, reports The Daily Mail.

A team from the Penn State College of Medicine examined the possibility of the influence of weight loss surgery on the reproductive function of women suffering from clinical obesity. Paul said Dr. Richard Legro, problems with being overweight can lead to disruption of ovulation. In particular, if the fat deposits begin to accumulate mainly in the abdominal area.

The specialists were examined urine samples to measure the levels of hormones produced by the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. As it turned out, ovulation rate remained high at 29 study participants, both before the operation and after two years. The quality of ovulation also remained unchanged.

Meanwhile, the questionnaires filled out by women, found that after weight loss increased libido (increased markedly indicators excitement and sexual desire). Previously, scientists have proven that weight loss in obese men as heighten sexual desire.

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