Fruits and vegetables in the form of powder


Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, have discovered a new method of freeze-dried products. This method converts food into the powder composition, thereby retaining all its vitamins, reports The Daily Mail.

According to experts, this mixture can be used together with water or milk to form a fruit or vegetable nectars, also these powders are used in cooking as various additives to impart a bright flavors dishes. Volunteers participating in the project have left very positive feedback on the methodology developed by the scientists, it is much easier for receiving the required standards of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins for people who do not like this or that kind, in its natural form. If you rely on the data recommended by the WHO, the daily amount of plant foods is about 400 grams a day, it helps reduce the development of diabetes the second stage and the cardiovascular system, and prevents the formation of obesity and reduces the chance of stroke lesions.

During the experiment, the scientists decided to interrogate the kiwi, strawberries and grapefruit, forming a powder of them. According to the scientists, they have taken these products for one simple reason - they are more amenable to the process of decay quickly. "Grapefruit - has a high nutritional value, but among the people, he is not popular, the reason is its characteristic bitterness," - said Nuria Martinez Navarrete, one of the authors of the work.

According to scientists, as a low consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables may be associated with a short period of their development and maturation. As scientists discovered, freeze-drying method helps to retain all the necessary connections, including antioxidants.

Scientists say 100 grams of grapefruit obtained about 15 g of a powder, which when added 85 ml of water can be obtained as the juice of the fruit half.

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