Cheese can be the culprit of male infertility


As it turned out, the enemy of man’s seed is everyone’s favorite cheese. In particular, they should not abuse the young people who dream of being in the future fathers.

This discovery was made by researchers at Harvard. According to them, even a small amount of dairy products high in fat can affect male fertility. Even three slices of cheese enough for that to the quality of their reproductive fluid deteriorated compared with other men.

How to inform the scientists do not necessarily use a cheese. Danger also represents the daily rate of dairy products, a teaspoon of cream, a slice of cheese and a glass of whole milk. According to them, the whole point is that found in the milk of female hormones, which affect the fertility of the male population.

Until recently, scientists have focused all their efforts on the effects of various diets on the female reproductive system. Recently, researchers are finding more and more evidence that the man’s life, and especially during this period when they hold all sorts of diets can play a significant role in the quality of their fertility. Researchers at the school of public health Garvrdskoy (Boston), compared the diets 189 volunteers aged 19-25 years. As noted by doctors, none of the volunteers suffered from excess weight and all were engaged in the gym for an hour a day.

Each participant to fill out a questionnaire where they were asked to indicate what took place in the diet of meats, fruits and dairy products, as well as other kinds of food. After the researchers examined sperm samples from all participants, speed and shape of the sperm. It was found that men who consume more than three daily servings of milk-containing products have a low reproductive function, and more specifically the activity of the sperm has been reduced by 25% compared with those participants who did not leaned in particular cheese, cream or milk.

News prepared by: A. CHirkova

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