Creative people are more prone to mental disorders


Researchers from the Karolinska Institute conducted a large study proving that creative people often rest of the population subjected to mental illness and need treatment. In particular, they are writers, and the disease, which they are most susceptible - schizophrenia. This study not only shocked the people concerned, but also of the scientists themselves.

It is very important that this is true not only of the creative people notakzhe their relatives. Just last year, Swedish researchers found that the relatives of the scientists and artists most likely to suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. To extend the experiment, scientists began to study mental disorders such as depression, schizoaffective disorder, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide, anorexia nervosa. They also have included all patients who are being treated.

To finally confirm the results of previous studies, scientists have begun to study family history of mental illness. For the purity of the experiment, they examined the patients and relatives up to second cousins and sisters. Previously, the results were confirmed. And as it turned out that mental illness affects not only the people professions such as scientists and artists, but also photographers, dancers and writers.

It turned out that among creative people are also common, and other psychological disorders like anxiety syndrome and substance abuse. It is also important that creative people suicides occur on 50% more likely than the general population. In addition, relatives of creative people are more prone to diseases autism, anorexia, bipolar disorder, etc.

Not everyone knows that the current treatment of psychological disorders has a very clear and narrowing of the border. The most common treatment of diseases considered to black and white, this means that the treatment itself in a straight line, depending on the disease. Scientists hope that thanks to this discovery treatment will be much more rational and easier because the disease reveals some of the benefits for the patient. In this case, the doctor and patient can come to an agreement and a common goal and easily cure the patient the benefit for him.

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