Pregnant women smokers dooms their children and grandchildren


The journal BMC Medicine has published an interesting study which found that women smokers in the situation exposes just two of their generation at risk of developing asthma at an early age. This experiment was conducted in rats. Researchers from the University of California, simulated the same situation in rats and analyzed how nicotine affects them.

The experimental results showed that of the rats themselves had serious problems, namely the decline in lung function. In offspring showed Zrazy several problems, such as increased levels of collagen, fibronectin, and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in pulmonary tissue.

The researchers explain that nicotine inhibits gene expression, and even modify the DNA level. This is shown in the various systems and organs of the children, and because of that the next generation is suffering.

The authors of the experiment are hoping that through this opening will be much easier to treat asthma, as the technique itself has changed, and even the prevention of treatment. It is also important that when the female receiving nicotine addition and PPARy is a synthetic analogue of pulmonary function is normalized as a direct child, as well as the next generation.

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