Magnesium will make us smarter


The results of numerous studies in the last decade indicate that magnesium is able to exert influence on the intellectual capacity of people. However, only now has begun clinical trials to verify the data.

The U.S. company has developed a product Magceutics Magtein, which increases the concentration of magnesium ions in the brain. During testing of this drug experts are going to find out whether it can reduce anxiety and improve sleep, memory and cognitive function of the brain. The first test was conducted Magtein only 50 volunteers, which has led critics to question the results of testing.

The founder of the pharmaceutical company that developed the miracle of the brain stimulator, a neurologist Gosun Liu from Massachusetts. According to experts, Magtein can improve memory and brain performance. The neurologist believes that the new drug can be used to treat diseases such as hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder, and even Alzheimer’s disease. The scientist realizes that to convince the medical community that such a simple product can have such an amazing effect on the body, it will be very difficult.

Previously, Liu Gosun already tested this magic potion on himself and on rats. The results showed that taking magnesium helps strengthen synaptic connections in the brain. In addition, the researchers found that the treated animals with a high content of magnesium in the brain of short-term and long-term memory were better than those of their neighbors.

Human trials have shown that elderly patients taking magnesium, decreases cortisol levels and increases the duration of deep sleep phase. Even though the fact that while there are no results of clinical trials, the drug is already taking about 100 thousand U.S. residents.

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